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Introducing our NEW products to begin our range of LUSH PLAY items!


The Ultimate Pillow Fighting Cushions

 THE SWORD & SHIELD  are made in customisable colours for every knight and princess warrior to enjoy. Whether young or old, these sword have been designed for fun for everyone using our favourite velvet fabrics and our premium polyester fluff.

There will hopefully be more giggles and triumphant battles than tears and broken plastic!


Sword Measurements: 560h x 190w x 80d mm

Shield Measurements: 320h x 270w x 50d mm



Sword - $50.00 2 colours

Shield - $50.00 2 colours

The Duo (1x set) - $95.00 same 2 colours

Battle Swords - (2) $95.00 , (3) - $140 , (4) - $185

{for orders of more than 1 sword colour combination, please add chosen colours into the notes at checkout or we will choose them for you}


pre-orders closed.

Swords & Shields

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