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She's A Big Job!

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

While she may be a bit of a sight for sore eyes in her nearly original state. Progress is coming along well for the NEW WORKSHOP SPACE!!

The not so pretty shed starting to demolish the carport

Any progress is good progress!

We have had some long weekends working on the shed with the help of our family and while it can feel like we aren't getting anywhere fast, looking at where it came from, taking it right back to the bones and to the point it is now, is already quite impressive.

A LOT of demolition, adding more trusses, replacing framing, a new roof and new eaves, we feel like we are finally at the point of making this a great new space.

The back of the building will feature our guest studio room with an en-suite and kitchenette (a huge improvement of the one that was there). There will also be a joint Laundry to divide the areas and our workshop will feature in the front of the building.

What's happening next?

We have a few more things to get done before I can start working out of the shed but with the second half of the roof ready to be put on, we are getting closer to a functioning space.

  • Flooring - seal, ply and carpet

  • Internal wall framing

  • Electrical and plumbing

  • Insulation and wall linings

  • Exterior cladding

There are a lot of big items to tick off the list, but thankfully, a few extra hands helping on these will be a nice change coming up to Spring!

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